ACTN offers hospitality to less previleged

Accommodation Cape Town North (ACTN), the society of 90 odd Bed and Breakfast / guesthouse establishments in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, decided to contribute R5000 of its membership funds towards a charitable cause in Cape Town North. Of the many organisations in our part of the city that engage people in need, we had to make a choice between Bellville Care Mission and an initiative of a couple of dedicated Christian ladies. Whereas the former aids street people and foreigners fleeing from xenophobic attacks, the latter reach a helping hand to crèches in Fisantekraal. We felt that it would be best to limit ourselves to helping only one organisation at a time instead of dividing our donation.The Fisantekraal project was initiated by Mses Edith Fehrsen and Linda Oosthuizen. According to them there are about 15 crèches run in RDP houses and shacks in Fisantekraal, the township north of Durbanville. A total of 410 children are cared for on a daily base. The general idea is to improve help improve crèche facilities. A Wendy house has for instance been erected next to a shack that had hitherto served as crèche. However small in our estimation, it provides more space and a healthier building for the children, especially during winter. As Wendy houses are drafty the walls need to be cladded on the  inside walls and roof. A carpet on the floor is also essential. Paint for the walls and ceiling and plumbing for the necessary cooking and washing of hands are also needed. So is fencing material.

The aim is to lift the standard to the extent that crèches become eligible for subsidies from the Department of Social Services. A fundraising concert organised by the Tyger Burger was also held on Sunday 26 July in the Bellville Civic Centre of which some of the proceeds go to this cause.

As ACTN our business is hospitality – the giving or being disposed to give welcome and entertainment to strangers or guests (Oxford Dictionary). Whereas we all practice hospitality to those that can afford staying at our up-market establishments, it is good to also be in a position to extend our hospitality to little children in Fisantekraal by contributing to establishments that serve their needs.

Jan Nieder-Heitmann