NiederHeim B&B offers green accommodation to long distance swimmer, Chris Green in Bellville, Cape Town

World renowned long distance swimmer, Chris Green and his wife Norma of the Lakes Districts in England, have chosen this Bed and Breakfast as their base for his onslaught on the hazardous and icy waters surrounding Robben Island. Chris, now aged 60, finished this epic swim of 16km round the island in less than six hours on Wednesday, 24 February. He had to stay at least 1km from the coast to avoid the breakers. Next week he is planning to swim the the “Triple Capes” which will take him round Cape Point and Cape McClear in shark invested waters.

Chris has done most of the world’s great long distance swims. He was the first Britton to swim around Manhattan Island and has done thirteen times more since then. Lake Conniston’s 10km swim he has done none less than 67 times. It was on this lake that Donald Cambell died while attempting to set a new world record on water. His longest swim was the well known 55km stretch at Florida. The 23km of the Sea of Galilee, or Tibereas as it better known nowadays, he swam from the inflow of the river Jordan to its outflow. He “escaped” from Alcatraz island prison via Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay. These are but some of this remarkable Englishman’s achievements as a swimmer.

He runs an old age home for a living. Having established a number of these institutions, he commended this guesthouse’s functionality and stylefulness.

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